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Email & Text (SMS) Communications

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How to download recorded meeting comments
How to export recipient list from email campaign
How to build a Subscriber list using the Contact Information question
Whitelisting PublicInput email server IP address and link domain
How to locate a draft email campaign
Adding PublicInput as a trusted email sender in your Gmail or Outlook settings
How to Download an existing contact list
How to add video content to an email campaign
How to share a link to an email
How to copy an email
Conduct text surveys in another language
How to create a custom project email address
CAN-SPAM and TCPA Compliance
How to exclude bounces from any email sent from
How to cancel or edit a scheduled email notice
Text-compatible Question types for text surveys
Add a thank you text message or intro text message to your SMS survey
How to adjust for "Exploding" images in Outlook
Sending out an email notice for an upcoming meeting
How are Text Message costs calculated?
How to disable or enable specific questions for a text survey (SMS)
How do I create comments from emails?
Opens & clicks vs. Unique Opens & Unique clicks
Customizing the styling of an embedded signup form with CSS
Inbound email parsing: Create comments from emails and assign a workflow status
Importing resident contacts
Using digests to manage your email subscription
How to turn on SMS text messaging for surveys
Sending email through a custom email domain
How to add a keyword to a Text Survey
Uploading contacts to a Communications Topic
How to create an email template
How to create a new communications topic (email topic)
Creating an email with the email editor
Editing System-Generated Email Content Blocks
Uploading or importing contacts into a list
How to enable a text survey
How to create an embedded signup form
Using the automated GovDelivery integration
Understanding Text Rate Limits and Message Queues
How to A/B test PublicInput email campaigns
How to upload and link to an attachment in your email campaign