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How to add video content to an email campaign
How to add video content to an email campaign

Video Options in Email Campaigns

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.MP4 video formats and videos such as YouTube videos cannot be successfully embedded in emails from an email campaign. However, there are a few alternatives we would recommend:

Add a link to the video in your email

Add a link to the video's URL (e.g. YouTube link, Vimeo link, etc.) so users can click and be directed to the video on the video hosting platform.
This can be done with a static URL, a button, or an image — such as a stylized image with a visual "play" button over the image (see example below):

The image above is an email preview with all 3 link options:
A regular hyperlink, a linked image, and a button link.

You'll notice that the image looks as if you can click "play", however, it will redirect email recipients to the video link on click.

To do this:

2. Add a new content box, or edit an existing content box by clicking the pencil icon at the top

3. Click within the text area to view the content editor

4. Click the Add Image icon and add or select your image from the image library

5. a) You can highlight the image and click the link icon in the content editor:

5. b) Or right-click the image to open the image settings, and add the link:

Embedding the video in your Project

Embed the video and even a channel subscription button within your project using an iframe in a content block, or even within the project description. You can then provide a link to your project within the email so users can visit your project and see the video there, hosted within the project.

Note: You cannot upload or attach .MP4 video files anywhere in The files are too large for the 10 MB upload limit. You must first upload the video to a video hosting platform, such as Youtube or Vimeo. YouTube is the easiest option to embed the video in

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