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How to enable a text survey
How to enable a text survey

How to set up a text survey for your project

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You can create a text-version of your survey with one click!
To get started, go to the Text tab of your project page.

Toggle the Enable SMS Responses for this Question Set button to ON (the button will turn green.) 

You'll then click on the Edit Number button.

In the Edit SMS Settings popup, select your organization's number from the drop-down list (this is the phone number that users will text keywords).

📲 Note: If you don't see a number or code listed here, please contact for further assistance with text surveys.

If you'd like to add an optional Pre-survey message, you have the opportunity to type it in here. Otherwise, your survey will kick off with the first question in the survey.

Similarly, you may specify an auto-reply follow-up message that users will receive after submitting their survey.

To add a Keyword, click the New SMS Keyword button.

Enter the keyword(s) that will trigger the survey in the Keyword field that appears.
⭐️ Note: if you pick a keyword that is already being used by a different survey, you will receive an error message stating "is already in use" and you'll need to pick a different keyword.

Choosing a segment and language are optional. If you select a language, messages will be automatically translated by Google Translate, but you may customize the prompts and options in the Settings tab using last-mile translation.

Keywords that trigger the survey will appear in a table above the Keyword section. You can delete a keyword by clicking the red trash icon.

Tip: Some of your questions may not be suitable for a text (SMS) survey, but you can turn off these questions when you enable your text survey. To do this, scroll down to the Default Questions section and hover over a question. The toggle buttons to Disable on SMS and SMS Only will appear, allowing you to select which questions you want to disable/enable. They are all enabled by default. 

In the example below, the question has been disabled on SMS. 

Questions that are not text-friendly will be automatically disabled. Here's a list of text-compatible questions to get you started.

Please note that the message length cannot exceed 1600 characters. Any message longer than this will not be delivered to the recipients. More detail on this can be found here.

If any of your survey questions will exceed this length, consider disabling the question and making a new, shorter SMS Only version of the question. You can map the question results of this question to the results for the original question.

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