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How to add a keyword to a Text Survey
How to add a keyword to a Text Survey

This article will show you how to add a keyword that survey respondents text in to access your text survey. (SMS Survey)

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From the homepage of the toolkit, navigate to the Text tab.

In the Text tab, make sure two key steps are completed first:

  1. Enable SMS responses for this survey.

  2. Select a public number for this survey.

Once you've set those up, you can create inbound Keywords in the keyword table:

Choosing a segment and language are optional. If you select a language, messages will be automatically translated by Google Translate, but you may customize the prompts and options in the Settings tab using last-mile translation.

Note: if you pick a keyword that is already being used by a different survey, you will receive an error message stating "is already in use" and you'll need to pick a different keyword.

Your keywords that trigger the survey will appear above the keyword table. You can delete a keyword by clicking the red trash icon.

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