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How do I create comments from emails?
How do I create comments from emails?

Learn how to create comments from emails you receive to your project, and how to assign comments to specific questions.

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In addition to commenting on individual questions, project participants can also email feedback directly to you via a project-specific email address that's included within your project.

This email address could be one associated with your project ID or with a custom link if you have created one.

You can see your project-specific email addresses by clicking on the Email tab from your admin dashboard.

If someone wants to participate in your project or if they want to share comments after taking one of your surveys, you can give them one of these project-specific email address.

Emails sent to you are listed on the Email tab in the Inbound section.

Survey comments are listed on the Comments tab.

Warning: You can generate comments automatically. To do this, toggle the Create comments automatically switch to On (green). Switching on this feature means every email will automatically generate a comment for that survey. However, it is recommended you only do this if there is a high volume of inbound emails that you can't manage manually, as each email will be copied to the associated comment, including the signature block and forwarded emails. It is time saving but messy.

Let's see how we can create survey comments for project-specific emails quickly but efficiently.

First, toggle the Create comments automatically switch to Off.

Secondly, open an email for which you wish to add a comment. Click on the Create comment from email button (the + icon at the right of the email).

This will open a Create new comment from highlighted text dialog. Here you can specify what to include in the comment. You can also assign the comment to a specific question and make the comment private.

For instance, you might want to highlight Green Bay Packers only.

When you are done, click Create New Comment. Because most of the fields are pre-populated, it's easy to focus on the content and keywords in the comments.

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