Building your first project in PublicInput

The basics of getting your first project up and running

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PublicInput Project or Survey setup and management

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Public | CRM - Resident Database & Segmentation

Learn how to use the CRM to segment your audience and begin drawing rich data insights

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Meetings, Events, Virtual Public Meetings, and Live Streaming through Youtube or Facebook

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Public | CONTACT

Email & Text (SMS) Communications

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Foster inclusivity by implementing Public | EQUITY MAPPING layers to target underserved and historically-excluded groups

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Comment Analysis & Moderation

Collect comments by email, text, online, and more!

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Results and Data

Learn about ways to organize your date and reveal actionable insights.

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Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

Using the CBO module and network.

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Social Media Tools

Using your organization's social media accounts for better engagement

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Troubleshooting & FAQs

Quick fixes for common issues, and frequently asked questions

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Guidance for PublicInput account holders/ main admins for site-wide changes

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Certified Partners Program

Partner Portal for Consultant Users

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