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How to exclude bounces from any email sent from
How to exclude bounces from any email sent from

Exclude emails that bounced in future email campaigns

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1. First, click Email & Text on the navigation bar, and select New Campaign:

2. Now you’ll want to select your list(s) of recipients. Click the Recipients tab and click + Include. Don’t worry though – we’ll be able to exclude previous bounces from this list in just a minute.

Say you want to send email to a subscriber list you have – select Subscriber List from the selection criteria:

And then select the list from the Select Subscriber List dropdown menu:

3. After selecting a list and clicking the green Continue button, the list is added:

But we know we want to exclude anyone who has bounced an email.

4. Click - Exclude:

Bounces are considered an email activity, so select that option from the selection criteria menu:

Select “Bounce Count” and “Greater Than 0”:

5. After clicking Continue, you will see that any email address that has bounced will be excluded from the email send:

You’re all set! Now you can send your email with confidence!

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