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Using digests to manage your email subscription
Using digests to manage your email subscription

How to get one weekly digest of communications about a given topic or project.

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Manage your email and text subscriptions via your personal subscriber dashboard. Simply head to and sign in with your email address to view and edit your preferences.


Digests are once-weekly summaries of emails sent out to a specific topic or project. 

Digests can be helpful if you're subscribed to a topic that receives updates more than once per week, and you'd prefer to reduce that to one weekly summary.

Not all organizations elect to enable digesting, and some organizations choose to enable digesting only for specific topics. You can check to see if your topic has digests enabled by heading to your subscriber dashboard and viewing the Subscriptions section:

If you are subscribed to a topic that supports digesting, you'll see a column titled Weekly Digest. Check the box on the same row of the topic you'd like to have sent once weekly, and you'll instantly be converted to a digest subscription.

Digest subscriptions are sent Friday morning at 8AM in the timezone of the organization sending the email. The digest email will contain a complete record of the emails sent since the previous Friday morning, along with a link to view the content in your browser.

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