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Conduct text surveys in another language
Conduct text surveys in another language

Translating text message (SMS) surveys into other languages is performed on the Text tab on your project.

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Setup your project for text messaging

First, ensure text messaging is enabled on your project admin page by toggling on the "Enable SMS Responses" option on the project's Text tab:

Setting up a language specific text-in keyword

To respond to text-in prompts with a survey in another language, start by creating a new keyword:

Choose your keyword, and be sure to assign a language. We also recommend assigning these participants to a custom CRM segment for analysis and follow-up purposes:

Click Add Keyword to save this as a new text-in keyword.

Participants who text in will now receive the custom language version of your survey:

You can also edit the translated version using the last mile translation form editor by clicking the gear next to the language:

Sending an outbound Text message survey in another language

If you'd like to conduct an outbound text campaign to a segment you already know prefers another language, choose the language selector dropdown on the outbound text campaign builder:

*Note that the custom message text that you input manually will not be machine-translated. Only the survey prompts themselves will be modified by the translation tools, so be sure to put any custom pre-survey prompt in the native language that you are sending to.

Recipients will then receive the Spanish (or other language) version of the survey via Google Translate - or if you previously edited your survey prompts via last mile translation, they will view the questions and options as customized in the last mile translation form editor:

Read more about translation and texting tools:

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