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Sending out an email notice for an upcoming meeting
Sending out an email notice for an upcoming meeting

If you're new to the communications toolkit, this is a great starting point for setting up an email campaign for your meeting.

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So you've set up your project page and created your meeting. Now it's time to get the word out. As long as your organization has outbound email communications, you can reach out to any subscriber list to inform them of an upcoming meeting by email.

Creating an email campaign from your Project

Start by heading to your project admin dashboard. From here you'll be taking several steps:

  1. Upload your contact list on the Subscribers tab

  2. On the Email tab, navigate on the left-hand sidebar to Campaigns > Draft and click the + New Campaign button

Settings Tab

From there you'll land on the email campaign Settings tab. Give your campaign a name, select a Department and and add other admins who will be notified of any replies.

Email Tab

On the next tab, you'll edit your email content using the email editor:

  1. Choose your template and/or set up your email layout.

  2. Add your content using the freeform text blocks.

  3. Add the event block to your email and select your event. Click Save & Return when finished.


  4. Customize the appearance of the event and toggle RSVP buttons or the default link to the project page using the event block editor.

  5. Update your Subject and sender settings (From Name, From Address) - and remember to hit save!

Now you're ready to head to the recipients tab to specify who will receive your email:

  1. Click on the recipients tab and use the "+ Include" to add any subscribers who may not have been on your initial list upload.

  2. You can also paste in a list of recipients using the "Add manual list of emails" button.

  3. Preview your recipients to confirm you've got the right people

Preview & Send Tab

  1. Check to make sure your content and formatting looks the way you'd like it to look.

  2. Send yourself a test message to confirm things look as expected. Click Send Test for this.

  3. Re-check your recipients by clicking the Preview Recipients button.

  4. Send your campaign with Send Now, or use the Schedule this campaign button to schedule a time in the future for the email to be sent.

Sharing Tab

If you're promoting this announcement on social, click the sharing tab:

  1. You can copy the public link to distribute by other channels - or -

  2. Click a social network sharing button to set up a draft social post from your campaign.

  3. In the dropdown, select the destination list. This is the list to which social media subscribers will be added.

Tracking engagement and results

Once you've sent your email, you can start tracking your email results and analytics.

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