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Whitelisting PublicInput email server IP address and link domain
Whitelisting PublicInput email server IP address and link domain
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When PublicInput is used to send emails to your internal users (i.e. agency employees), your email server may block emails that are sent using the custom domains function. For example, when sending on behalf of to a email address, the email server may suspect that an email is impersonating an internal account and block the email.

To prevent your server from blocking delivery, you'll need your IT team to whitelist the PublicInput sending IP address and potentially allow links from the custom link tracking domain.

Whitelist PublicInput's sending IP Address

To provide consistency for our clients and increase deliverability, PublicInput has a dedicated sending IP address that can be whitelisted in your email server's firewall settings. The following IP address should be added to your trusted or "whitelisted" IP ranges:

Sending IP Address (Static)

Whitelist PublicInput's tracking domain

To provide statistics on link clicks from email recipients, we use a link forwarding service through our communications partner, Twilio Sendgrid. The following is the default link shortening and tracking domain that should be whitelisted in your email server settings:

Next steps

If you're still encountering issues with deliverability for specific internal recipients, it's worthwhile to check the email client at the user/account level. We've put together a how-to for updating individual email client settings here.

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