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Uploading contacts to a Communications Topic
Uploading contacts to a Communications Topic

Find or create a communications topic, then import/upload subscribers

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To look for existing communications topics, head to the home page of your admin dashboard. To create a new topic, click +Create New Communications Topic from the +Create new item menu:

In the Create new topic popup, type a name and department for your new topic and then click Create List.

Now you are ready to add contacts to your list. To do this, first make sure you are on the subscribers tab.

Select Add Subscribers. There are two options: You can create a new contact(s) or upload an existing contacts file.

Uploading a contact list (.xlsx or .csv file)

A dialog will be displayed where you can locate and upload your contacts file. This file may have been created manually on your computer or exported dynamically from an external application.ย 

The application recognizes the following column names:



First Name (auto-populated if Name is provided)

Last Name (auto-populated if Name is provided)

Name (auto-populated if First and Last are provided)

Address (include both address lines if applicable)




*Only email and/or phone are required. While columns on the sheet other than the ones shown above will be ignored, it is best to remove those columns.

Custom contact fields can be set up upon request if your current plan includes custom CRM fields. To add custom CRM fields, reach out to support via the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Ready to upload? Click +Add Subscribers:

Then select your file, and click Upload List:

Note: Lists are processed in the background and can take up to 5 minutes per 1000 contacts if you have a large database. We promise its worth the wait โ€“ we're checking each contact against all past participants across all your surveys, meetings, emails, text messages, phone calls and more.

Uploaded contacts summary sent via email

Once the upload completes, you'll receive an email detailing how many records were added. We'll also include a CSV (spreadsheet) file with any rows that experienced an issue, such as an invalid email address.

We automatically de-duplicate these contacts by email address if available; and if we do not have an email address but have a phone number, we'll de-duplicate the contact by their phone number.

At this point, you can return to the list page (or refresh the page) to view the new contacts in your Subscribers tab:

You can now include this list in outbound email and text messages.

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