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How to Download an existing contact list
How to Download an existing contact list
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You can locate any existing lists on the Email & Text page, or in the CRM.
If you have departmental access, you may need to select your department.

Click Email & Text (or CRM) on the left menu panel, then click the Lists tab at the top of the page:

Note: the same Lists tab also appears across the top of the CRM page.

You'll then see your list of lists:

You can opt to download the list by clicking on the Actions menu to the right of the list, and selecting "Download" from the drop-down options:

This will prompt you to save the list to your computer:


Click on the name of the list you'd like to download.

Once the list opens, you'll see a button in the top right corner that says Download List.

Once you click Download List, you'll be able to save the list to your computer as a .CSV or excel doc.

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