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How to create a custom project email address
How to create a custom project email address
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Creating a custom link simultaneously creates a custom email address to match.

There are two ways to get to the Custom Link option on your project:

1. Click on the View Live Site dropdown menu, and select Build Custom Link.


2. From the project's admin page, click on the Settings tab.

Step 1:
Enter your unique shortcode:

Note: Your shortcode may not contain spaces, must be at least five characters and may not currently be in use. If any of these criteria are not met, the system will alert you. In the example above, the three green check marks indicate all criteria have been met.

If you'd like to learn more about all of your options when creating a custom link, please check out our article on How to create a custom link.

To create your new unique URL (and email address), click Create Link.

In this example, a URL has been created using “celebratingholidays” as the shortcode, and it is targeting the “Will be celebrating the holidays” segment. The default language is English.

👉Note: Your custom URL will also be assigned a custom QR code.

You can confirm a new email address has been created by going back to your project page & clicking the Email tab.

If you don’t see the email address for your shortcode, refresh the page. Later, in the Email section, you will be able to monitor email traffic via this shortcode.

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