To create an embedded signup, head to the E-mail & Text (email icon) page in the left-hand menu, then, click the Embedded Signups tab at the top.

Next, click the + Create New Embed button.

The Build Signup Widget window will appear.

Here you will: 

  • Name this signup form

  • Change the Contact list (drop down menu)

  • Choose the Signup format

  • Check the boxes for each data field you would like to collect 

  • Change the Signup prompt (optional)

⭐️ Tip: If you select Compact signup, you can change the button text for the email and Phone fields. You'll see a preview of your new button text at the top of the Signup Widget window.

Next, you'll have the option to:

  • Change the Submit button text, and

  • Customize your Redirect URL
    (if you do not have a redirect URL, just leave this box blank.)

Once you've finished, click the green Create signup Embed button. Your embed code will now be at the top of the Signup Widget window. Copy and paste this code into your webpage.

If you need to edit the signup form, just click the pencil icon to bring up the signup widget.

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