What do each of the tabs do?
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All data is organized into the following tabs: 

Public Inputs

Page & Survey – your project page, where you can add engagement activities like questions, content, steps and documents.

Email – each project has its own email address. Emailing this address will add the comments to your overall results.

Text – activities can be translated into text activities.

Phone – enabling the phone functionality allows users to call into your project or meeting and leave voicemail comments.

Social – you can connect to social posts or connect posts about the activity (if activated/authenticated)

Meetings & Offline – manage your offline activities here. Collect and document participation collected in person (through kiosk) or on paper (data entry)


Comments – an overview of your comments. This is also where you can perform Admin actions, like upvoting, highlighting, create tagging rules, comment moderation, and reply to comments as an Admin.

Subscribers – a list of your project subscribers.

Participants – see a map of participants, referral traffic sources, and the full list of participants and their personal information (if provided).

Results & Data create a dynamic report, download response data, contacts, comments, and comment tags (if you've created tagging rules.)


Overall settings for the specific project:

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