What types of engagement activities can you add to your project? 


Single answer - participants can choose only 1 answer

Multi-Answer - partcipants can choose a number of answers

Correct Answer - a single answer question with a correct answer that will be highlighted once the particpant responds

Rank Options - prompts participants to reorder the options provided from highest to lowest priority

Matrix - a set of questions with the same answers, often a scale

Slider - pick between two poles (e.g. best to worst) 

All quantitative questions can include a comment box & show results immediately after participation


Comment - open-ended

One-line comment - short answer

Comment participation can be public or private. If public, participants can engage with each other and staff can reply to comments as the agenc

Particpant Information

Location (Address) - the participant can drag a circle to their location or type an address
Location (Nearest Cross Streets) - the participant can type in 2 streets to find the nearest cross street or drag a circle to the location on the map
Zip Code - the participant can enter their zip code or position the circle on the map
Contact Information - prompts the participant to enter their email, zip code, phone number, and/or address (admin specifies fields, and whether they are required to proceed)


Shape Selection - select shapes on an image
Map - Drop pins and lines on a map and add comments to the map
Map Shape Selection - select shapes you draw or add on a google map


Demographic categories have default answer options for consistency, and are connected to Census Data (if enabled.) 

Other (special uses)

Confirmation Message - used to confirm the end of a poll series
Skip-Logic Rule - enables participants to skip over question(s) that don't pertain to them based on the answer they provide for a specific question.

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