What types of engagement activities can you add to your project? 


Select one option - single answer - participants can choose only 1 answer

Select multiple options - partcipants can choose multiple answers, or a number of answers you specify. (i.e. "choose your top three...")

In the example above, all of the participants are highlighted in blue after responding.

Correct Answer - a single answer question with a correct answer that will be highlighted once the particpant responds

Rank Options - prompts participants to reorder the options provided from highest to lowest priority

Matrix - a set of questions with the same answers, often a scale

Slider - pick between two poles (e.g. best to worst) 

All quantitative questions can include a comment box & show results immediately after participation


Comment - open-ended

One-line comment - short answer

Comment participation can be public or private. If public, participants can engage with each other and staff can reply to comments as an agency administrator.

Particpant Information

Location (Address) - the participant can drag a circle to their location or type an address
Location (Nearest Cross Streets) - the participant can type in 2 streets to find the nearest cross street or drag a circle to the location on the map
Zip Code - the participant can enter their zip code or position the circle on the map
Location question types

Contact Information - prompts the participant to enter their email, zip code, phone number, and/or address (admin specifies fields, and whether they are required to proceed)


Interactive Map Repsonse - Drop pins and lines on a map and add comments to the map
Select Shape on Map  - select shapes you draw or add on a google map
Select Shape on Image  - select shapes on an image


Demographic categories have default answer options for consistency, and are connected to U.S. Census Data (if enabled.) 

Other (special use questions)

Confirmation Message - used to confirm the end of a poll series or SMS survey
Skip-Logic Rule - enables participants to skip over question(s) that don't pertain to them based on the answer they provide for a specific question.

Need some inspiration? Click Add Question & check out the Examples Library!

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