How to add a question

How to add a question to your survey or project

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From the Page &Survey page, scroll down to the Project Questions & Dynamic Content section & click on the green Add Question button.

In the Create a new question popup window, you can select from a number of options to define your question and the context in which it is answered, from the type of question (e.g. a YES/NO answer or a comment-only response,) to the location of participants answering it. Be sure to check out our article on Creating your first project for more on each question type.

You can create a question type and its wording, define the responses available to participants, format the look-and-feel of the question (e.g. button label text), and enable or disable comments.

In the Quantitative section, click Select an option.

Enter a name for the question and click Continue.

In the next popup, you can enter more details about the Question Format (1) – e.g. does this question require one or more responses? - and sample Response Options (2).


  1. To enter a new response option (e.g. YES, NO or MAYBE), in the Response Options section, click New Option or press Enter on your keyboard.

  2. As this is a template, it is a good idea to create a few generic responses.

  3. Click Add ‘Other’ Option to create an option that denotes the survey participant does not want to select any of the pre-configured options.

  4. You can also edit Advanced Options for the survey.

Let’s take a quick look at the advanced options. This section allows you to further customize a survey, e.g. the text for prompts and labels on buttons( e.g. "Post Comment" can be changed to "Submit your thoughts.") It also allows you to define whether a response is mandatory or not. You also have the option to include your own CSS.

Finally, you can enable or disable comments for the question.

Click Save New Options.

The new question will be displayed on your survey in the Project Questions and Dynamic Content section, where you can view and edit it. 

Any question you add will appear below the previous question. Want to rearrange the order of your questions? No problem! Just hover over the 3 lines to the left of your question and drag & drop. 

You can drag questions to new positions vertically on your project page, or into other steps in your project.

Click the View Live Site button at the top right to view your questions as they will appear to participants. 

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