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Navigating the Results & Data tab
Navigating the Results & Data tab
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On the Results & Data tab, you can create full Dynamic Reports, as well as export and download response data from your survey.

To generate a report, click the green Create New Dynamic Report button in the upper-right corner of the Results & Data tab:

Your report will open in a separate browser tab, and you'll see your report listed just below in the Dynamic Reports list.

In the Data Output section, there are several ways to download your data. One is to download your Response Data containing users' responses to your survey questions. You can filter this by parameters such as specific questions, segments and dates. When you've defined the output you want, click the Create new response data exportbutton at the bottom.

You may also download Comments from your survey, apart from the question response input. Similar to the above, select the parameters you want and click the black "Create new Comment Data Export."

After you have created an export, look below in the Response Data Export History section to see the export along with any others you have created in the past. From here you may either delete the export by clicking the red trash bin icon at the far right of the row or download the export by clicking the black download icon, also at the far right.

Under Contacts you may download the contents of various subscriber lists (lists of those who have subscribed to your survey). You may download one list by clicking the black download icon at the right of the last, or download all your subscriber lists by clicking the black "Download All Participant Contacts" button at the bottom.

Comment Tags can also be downloaded here. You may download a summary of all tags or smart tags with the associated button or download the data for an individual question's tags by selecting the question in the dropdown and clicking "Get Tag Data."

Finally, under General records and archiving, you may download all emails associated with the project or view a printable version of the project page via their respective buttons.

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