In the project admin interface, you can tag comments manually by clicking the green tag button on a comment, or you can tag multiple comments using one of the following approaches:

In the Project Admin interface, select the Comments tab. 

You can identify patterns in comments simply by reading them. This will give you an idea, if you don’t already have one, of relevant phrases and words that crop up in question comments; comments it would be useful to tag and later report on or use to analyze survey results.

To view comments for an existing question, select a question (1) and display all the associated comments (2). 

In this example, take a look at the first comment in the list. A key phrase that stands out in this comment is “ferris wheel”. Let’s use it as a sample tag. 

There are two ways you can tag the phrase “ferris wheel” in multiple comments, i.e. identify all comments in this question containing the specific phrase. 

Method 1 – Using the Search function

Step 1: Click Search Comments.

Step 2: Type the phrase you wish to tag, e.g. “ferris wheel” (1). All comments containing this phrase will be displayed (2). 

Step 3: Check the multi-select box in the top left corner of the comments list (1). All the active matching comments (those that contain the text “ferris wheel”) will be auto-selected. Next, click Tag Multiple Comments (2).

Step 4: In the Tag comments in bulk popup, type the text you wish to tag, e.g. “Ferris Wheel” (1), and press Enter. You can create multiple tags. In this example, we have added the tag “Amusement”.

Next, click Apply tagging (2). 

Note: The tags are not case-sensitive.

Tip: The number of comments being tagged will be confirmed. In this example, 4 active comments will be tagged.

The new tags for this example question will be displayed visually on the Comments tab in a Tag Cloud .

Method 2 – Using Tagging Rules

Step 1: Click Tag Multiple Comments. Note: Make sure no comments are selected at this time.

Step 2: In the Tag comments containing: text box, type a search word or phrase, e.g. “Mental Health” (1). 

In the Tag text box, type the name of the tag - e.g. “Mental Health” - you wish to associate with the search word or phrase you previously typed and press Enter (2). Note: You can add multiple tags.

You have just created a Rule

Next, you can choose how to apply this rule, e.g. to all comments in all surveys, to comments in a specific project or survey, or to comments for a particular question (3). 

To save your rule, click Apply tagging (4).

The new tag for this example question will be displayed visually in the Comments tab in the Tag Cloud. As we can see, there is just 1 comment associated with the tag “Mental Health”.

Managing rules

To easily modify or delete rules, click Tagging Rules.

In the Comment Rules popup, you can view all your rules (1), delete a rule (2) or search for a specific rule (3).

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