In this tutorial, you will learn how to enable SMS for your survey. These instructions are for an existing survey, meaning you must create a project and survey questions first.

If you need help creating a survey, check out our article on creating your first project

To get started, from the admin portal’s Home page, go to the SMS tab.

On the SMS tab, toggle the Enable SMS Responses for this Question Set button to ON (the button will turn green.) 

You'll then click on the Edit Settings button.

In the Edit SMS Settings popup, select a Public Number (1) from the drop-down list (this is the phone number that users will text key words.)

Enter the key words (2) that will trigger the survey (separate each keyword with a comma.) Key words are useful to help segment your audience, e.g. to identify where your audience found the survey listed. For instance, you may have used the keyword trigger “train” on billboards at a train station, and will be able to see exactly what kind of response you are getting from different audience segments.

Now you are ready to enter the message your audience will receive before they start the survey (3). Unlike steps 1 and 2, this step is optional.  

Finally, click Save Settings (4).

This will take you back to the SMS tab in the admin portal, where your SMS survey will be set up as you will see below. 

Tip: Some of your questions may not be suitable for an SMS survey (e.g. clicking on a map to indicate a user’s location), but you can turn off these questions when you enable your SMS survey. To do this, scroll down to the Default Questions section and select which questions you want to disable/enable. They are all enabled by default. You can also select to include a question for SMS only.

To do this, hover over a question and the toggle buttons to Disable on SMS and SMS Only will appear.  

In the example below, the question has been disabled on SMS. 

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