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How to create a dynamic report
How to create a dynamic report

Using the Results & Data tab to create a dynamic report

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You can create dynamic report two different ways: on the Reporting tab, or on the Results & Data tab.

Reporting - This option creates a blank report, with only the title visible. You will need to manually add content and charts to your report.

Results & data -  The Results & Data tab option will add charts for all engagement activites to your report automatically. You then have the option to remove items from the report. This is the best option when you want a full report of your project's data.

To create a full dynamic report, navigate to the Results & Data tab & select the Create New Dynamic Report button to the right. 

Your dynamic report will be generated automatically, and will show results for all data collected from your survey activities in charts/graphs.

Note: You can edit the name of your report by clicking the title at the top. Otherwise, the report's name will be the same as the name of your project.

You will see your dynamic report listed on Results & Data tab.

The icons to the right will allow you to preview, edit, or delete your report.
Eye - preview
Pencil - Edit
Trash - Delete

Once you've created your report, you will see data on all of your project activities by default. You have the ability to change chart types, add content, add or remove questions or insights, and more!

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Feel free to search our articles for even more info on dynamic reports!

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