When seeking to understand resident input by geography, the Participant Map and Segment Map tools can be helpful.

To access the map, browse to the CRM tab and click on any segment. Alternatively, you can access the map from the Project Admin Page under the 'Participants' tab.

Once at the map, click 'De-Clustered Mode' to view individual map locations for each participant. If you see groups of markers with numbers, be sure to click the 'De-Cluster Mode' button:

You'll then see individual map points for each participant (without groups or clusters):

From here, you can click on any blue participant dot to see a listing of participants at that location:

To view other information about the participant, as well as edit their information or add an activity (such as a phone call or comment) to their profile, click "View More".

Adding an activity, meeting attendance, phone call encounter, or other information is possible by clicking the "Add new Activity" button:

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