Adding content is a way to describe or provide information about your project, add images, or give additional info about questions.

In the Project Questions and Dynamic Content section, click on the black Add Content button. (If you'readding content to a topic, it will be under Edit this topic page.)

A content box will appear in your survey. If you have already added questions, it will appear below them. To reorder questions or content, just hover over the 3 lines to the left of your question or content box and drag & drop. If your project has steps, you can also drag content or questions into a different step in the same way. 

In the content box, you can add unique text, images and hyperlinks using the WYSIWYG rich content editor (What You See Is What You Get.) Here you can format the text into headings or use different fonts and colors, align paragraphs, add links, images, tables and lists.

Note: If you change the font and want to go back to the original font, the default font is Open Sans (or Arial if Open Sans does not appear on the admin/participant's computer) and the default font size is 14px.

Check out our article on adding images to content boxes.

Tip: Those advanced in html/css have the ability customize the code by clicking Source.

To edit a content box, simply click inside the box.

Note: If you are adding a .pdf or other documents, please see our article on How to add documents to a survey.

When you are finished, click on the blue Save changes button.

You can view your content as it will appear to participants by clicking the View Live Site button in the top right corner of the page.

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