You don't have to lose all your hard work if you decide your project needs to be a Project Group (topic). There's an easy way to convert your existing project into a Project Group that can act as a landing page for multiple similar projects or events.

The difference between a Project Page and a Project Group:

Project Page (aka Survey page)

Project Group (aka topic pages)

A group of questions and/or content created to engage with your community.

are broader landing pages that can hold links to multiple projects, as well as their own content & Questions.

When the public visits a project group page, they'll see a group of related projects under the same larger umbrella topic.

Converting a Project to a Project Group:

First, navigate to the project Settings tab:

Then click Change Type and select "Convert to project group."

At this point a confirmation will appear in the upper-left corner of the page and the screen will refresh. Your project will now show "Project Group" under its name.

You'll also see the Add Project button now appears as an option:

To revert this change and turn the project group back into a project, repeat the process and choose "Convert to standard project" under Change Type on the settings tab.

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