What is a dynamic report?

Report your results in a dynamic way by adding graphs, comment banks, insights and content and share with the world.

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A dynamic report is where you can share the results of your project to the world. It is a living document, meaning as participants continue to complete engagements, the report updates automatically as new data is received. 

There are 2 ways to create and find reports: under the Reports & Data tab on your project page, or via Reporting > Dynamic Reports on the left side menu of the admin page.

Clicking Create New Dynamic Report under the Reporting>Dynamic Reports page creates a blank report, with only the title visible. You will need to manually add content and charts to your report.

Clicking Create New Dynamic Report under the Results & Data tab on your project page will create a report with charts for all engagement activities for the project. You then have the option to remove items from the report. This is the best option when you want a full report of your project's data. 

Your report will be generated and it will appear in the list on the Results & Data tab and in the Dynamic Reports page. Click the report's name or the pencil icon to edit the report.

You can rename your report by editing the title at the top of the page - a pencil icon will appear to the right. Clicking on it will prompt you for a title and optional subtitle. 

This will also help in identifying the report from the project page - if all the reports are named the same thing it will be difficult to distinguish between them. 

When you create a dynamic report in a project, all the information is added automatically. You can remove questions you don't want to share by clicking the red trash icon to the right of the question. It will appear when you hover over the question. 

All questions can be dragged and dropped to shift their order by dragging the MOVE button. 

Want to add further context or information? Hovering between questions will show a plus icon. Click it to show the Add New Item popup window and choose Add Content.

The WYSIWYG editor will appear on the report, allowing you to type directly on the report.

Once you have created a dynamic report, when you are using the system elsewhere you'll see on results throughout the system the ability to Add to report. When you click on that it will let you add the insight to the report you select, and it will appear at the bottom of the report, where it can be dragged to rearrange, much like questions. 

Insights are applications of data. You can compare cross tab results or generate a tag cloud.

Ready to share your report? Go to the Options menu in the top right corner and select Share. This gives you a link and embed code. Using the link allows you to share the report without viewers having to log in to publicinput.com. 

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