Under the comments tab, you will see your survey questions in a gray column on the left, and a tag cloud with comments listed individually below on the right.
Each question has a sentiment anylysis bar below it. This shows the percentage of comments that are considered negative (red,) neutral (gray,) or positive (green.) 

You can filter your comments by selecting a specific question on the left, or choose sort comments at the top and choose from the list of filters. 

To see all comments, select  All Comments for your survey at the bottom of the questions column.

Once you've located the comment you'd like to reply to, hover your mouse over the comment. and click the gray reply button that appears. 

The Reply to comment window will appear. The original comment will be visible at the top of the window, with a text box where you can type your response.

You also have the option to change your Reply name. (the name that will display publicly in the comments section.) If you have an official title that you would like to add to your name, you can add/edit it in the text box.

Below Reply name, there are 2 ways to send your reply.

☐ Post Publicly on project website
☐ Send user an email notificaton

If you want the comment to post publicly in the comments section, click Post publicly on project website. If you only want to email the user, select Send user and email notification. You may choose one or both of these options. 

If you chose Post publicy on project website, your reply will be visible to everyone and appear nested below the comment in the question's comment section on your survey. Below is an example of the Communications Coordinator for Skagit County responding directly to a participant's comment.

Check out our article on comment actions if you'ld like to learn how to up vote, highlight, tag, and hide a comment, or edit the sentiment.

If you'd like to know more about comment moderation, click here.

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