What is a step?
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A step is a page within your survey.  Survey content and questions can be together on a single step, or spread across multiple steps. Steps also allow you to create content pages before or between sets of questions. You can also edit the names of steps!

Note: You can add as many steps as you like, but remember – keep it simple.

Learn how to add a step!

There are many reasons for multi-step surveys, like breaking up information across multiple pages instead on one long page. Steps are also useful when some questions and content are not applicable for all participants, and you want them to have the option to move on. You can make steps clickable, so participants can bypass a step or click back to a previous step.

By default, you must complete a step in order to advance through the survey, unless you make steps clickable or use skip-logic (an advanced way of skipping a step or steps based on participants' specific responses.)

You can also change the name of each step.

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