Responses are recorded as they are submitted, but clicking a submit button at the end of a survey can give participants a sense of closure, and confirms that their responses have been received.

From the Page & Survey tab, scroll to the bottom of the Project Questions and Dynamic Content section. Here you will see a toggle labeled Show submit button on final step.

Click the toggle to turn this feature on (indicated in green).

You can also select whether you'd like to add follow-up questions, which can include demographic questions, or your own custom set of questions.

Once you've enabled the submit button, you will see the "Complete Survey" button at the end of your live survey:

You can edit this button by clicking More Submit Options and editing the Submit Button text:

In this case, the button will say "Complete Survey" rather than the standard "Submit Survey."

You can also add a Custom Message that appears after a participant submits their survey. You can add any content you like, including text, links, images, and more using the content editor. This can be used as a "Thank You" page, or to redirect participants to other relevant projects or web pages.

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