Have a project coming up and curious what similar organizations have done when engaging the public? Check out the templates and examples library from your main projects dashboard:

Searching the Template Library

A new interstitial menu will load with an initial set of templates. From here, you can search questions and surveys by keyword.

Curated examples created by the Public Input team will show as projects with a blue outline. We'll also return public, published surveys and templates from organizations that have enabled ecosystem sharing:

From here you have a couple options:

  1. View the survey by mousing over the example and clicking the "eye" icon.

  2. Create your own version of this example in your account dashboard

Editing your ecosystem sharing settings

If you don't see examples beyond the Public Input curated examples, your organization may not have ecosystem sharing turned on. To enable or disable this setting, head to your organization settings page - general tab - Example Survey Library option:

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