As communities emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and a new chapter in public engagement, Hybrid Public Meetings have proven to be a great way to improve access and expand participation for residents, and increase efficiency, transparency and compliance with open meeting laws for governing bodies. This improved accountability offers a win-win for the public and for government.

If you're new to the concept of hybrid public meetings and its benefits, learn more with this high-level overview about how combined in-person and virtual public meetings are reshaping public engagement and democracy.


Select a meeting format

Decide on an approach for in-meeting comments

Choose a conferencing service

Select a venue

Capacity considerations

Planning your Audio/Video setup (A/V equipment)

Staff your meeting

Key staff roles to designate

Prep work

Create your meeting

Designating a time period for online, phone, and email comments

Setup Registration

Toggle Hybrid Meeting registration tools to plan in-person and online needs
Enabling meeting registration and customizing your registration form

Collecting speaker pre-registration

Ensure accessibility compliance

Configuring your meeting page for multiple languages

Enabling live and multi-lingual Closed Captions

Meeting Notifications

What to include in your meeting announcement

Creating and sending your email announcement in Public Input

Day-of Action Items

Venue setup

Setting up your room with safety in mind

Setting up contactless sign-in

Setting up kiosks to sign in participants
Signing participants into a meeting

Virtual setup

Providing secure conferencing access to staff

Connecting an in-person audio line to your conference bridge

Running your hybrid public meeting meeting

Welcoming in-person participants

Contactless registration on a projector

Printed contactless QR codes for sign-in

Setup one or more sign-in kiosks

Facilitating Participation

Managing your meeting's speaker queue

Facilitating in-person speakers

Post-meeting follow-up

Public-facing page

Edit and publish the meeting transcript and recording

Associating in-person comments with meeting participants

Note - many of the steps and resources included here require a 'Complete' license for the Public Input Engagement Hub or the Public Input Meetings module. To learn more about plans, visit or drop us a note in the chat bubble at the bottom right of the page.

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