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Hybrid public meeting registration tools
Hybrid public meeting registration tools

When planning a hybrid public meeting, toggle the hybrid toolkit to enable helpful tools.

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Before digging in on hybrid public meeting registration, you should be familiar with the basics of meeting registration.

Enable Hybrid Meeting Tools

In your meeting settings, if you select "Hybrid" as your meeting format, the admin and public interfaces will update to reflect a few special considerations for hybrid public meetings.

Public Registrants choose their preferred venue

When 'hybrid' is selected and registration is enabled, the public registration form will ask participants if they would like to attend in-person or virtually:

This allows you to get a rough count of meeting attendees, and can help you anticipate the number of people who may be participating virtually and in-person. The pre-meeting registration count is a good indicator for what to expect for attendance.

Viewing registrant venue preferences

With hybrid public meetings, your registration table will have an additional column to designate where a person will be attending:

This data will also appear in the "Venue" column of the downloadable registration and attendee data:

To attain the spreadsheet export of this data, click the download icon in the meeting admin registration tab:

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