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How to edit your meeting transcription and allow the public to view translations
How to edit your meeting transcription and allow the public to view translations

Edit your transcription and translate your meeting transcript into multiple languages

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First, you'll need to enable meeting transcription before your meeting starts. Meeting transcription also requires using the managed teleconference line and connecting it to your meeting platform (Zoom or WebEx.)

Once your meeting ends, you'll see a badge noting there is a transcript available on your meeting:

You'll click "Transcribe to Text" to transcribe the meeting audio automatically.

Depending on the the length of the meeting, automatic transcription may take up to 24 hours. Best to click "Transcribe to text" and check back later!

Once your meeting has been transcribed, you can click the toggle to allow this transcript to be made public (optional). When this toggle is on, it's indicated in green.

Click View Transcription to see the fully transcribed meeting and make edits. You can edit the transcription by clicking the text you would like to edit.

You also have the option to toggle the meeting transcript to public, as well as download and edit the full transcript here. If you're making edits, make them first before you go public.

If you want to edit the speaker name, click it!

Optionally, you can elect to check the box next to Apply to all occurrences for this speaker. Click the green Save button when you're done, and the individual's name will now be displayed above their speaking session(s):

To edit the content of the transcribed speaking session, click it! This will open up a text box where you can edit the transcription.

Click the Save Changes button to update the transcription.

Once your meeting transcript looks good, you're all set.

You can make the meeting translation public. This will create a public link below the Show on meeting live site toggle:

This will allow anyone viewing the public link to translate the transcript by clicking Translate and selecting the language:

Check out the other meeting tabs:

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