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Signing Participants into a Meeting
Signing Participants into a Meeting

Allow participants to sign in to your meeting via the sign in screen

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Participants can sign into a meeting using PublicInput's sign in screen. To launch a meeting sign-in screen, head to the project's Meetings & Offline tab.

Go to the meeting you'd like to have participants sign in to and click the drop down menu () to the right and click Open sign in kiosk:

This will open a modal for setting up and launching a kiosk sign-in screen that will ask participants to enter their Name, Email, and Phone number, and whether they'd like to Subscribe to updates (check box) by default. If you're happy with these data fields to collect, then that's it – you can launch the sign in screen as-is by clicking Save & Launch!

To select or modify the sign-in fields you'd like to collect, head back to the Meetings & Offline tab. Under Kiosks, you'll see a newly created kiosk named "Kiosk for [your meeting name]." 

Click the Edit button.

The Configure your kiosk window will open, where you can customize the fields shown on your sign-in screen, as well as add content to show participants above the sign in form:

Click the blue Save & Launch button to view your new sign-in screen

You can login and open the same Kiosk on as many devices as you need.

We recommend using Chromebooks or laptops with a keyboard, though the interface will work on tablets if preferred.

⭐️ Tip: The kiosk URL is also listed under the kiosk in the Meetings & Offline tab.

👉Note: if you use a paper sign-in sheet or if you need to manually add participants, you can learn how to manually add attendees to a meeting here.

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