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Connecting an in-person audio line, managing speakers, and attributing public comments
Connecting an in-person audio line, managing speakers, and attributing public comments
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The in-person audio connection tools for public meetings are designed to help bridge the gap between the virtual and in-person aspects of hybrid public meetings. This article walks through the basics of setting up this connection and using it to fully transcribe your meeting and attribute public comments to the correct participants.

Dial into your meeting as an admin

first step to setting up an in-person audio connection is to call your meeting line and join the conference via the admin menu.

Designate this line as an in-person audio connections

Once you've connected your device to the the meeting via the admin option, you can designate this line as an in-person connection by pressing * 4 (star four).

Upon connecting this device or phone as an in-person line, you will see it listed in your conference participant menu as a special line:

Managing in-person speakers using this connection

If you have one or more public participants speaking in-person, the in-person line will convey the audio into the recorded meeting to be transcribed.

If you have not enabled recording for your meeting, learn more about enabling recording and transcripts here.

If you're running a hybrid meeting, this in-person line should be the sole source of audio coming into the virtual portion of your meeting. To control this input from your Public Input conference line, toggle the mute/unmute status of the line from your conference participants table:

You can have multiple speakers participate through this line, but when using this approach for a public hearing, we strongly suggest asking participants to state their name at the beginning of any public statement to simplify comment attribution using the transcription tools.

Attributing in-person speaker comments

After the meeting, open the meeting transcription to view the full transcribed proceedings of your meeting. You can click View Transcription to see the fully transcribed meeting, and make edits.

For in-person comments that need to be attributed to specific participant, mouse over the comment icon on any transcript section. Click the comment icon to open the new comment form:

The comment you create will be included with your public records for this meeting, and if you provide an email or phone number for this participant, the comment will be added to your resident database as part of this participant's profile.

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