A/V Setup for rooms with an existing sound system

For larger meetings, such as city council, working from an existing A/V system can simplify the challenges of facilitating in-person audio needs.

For these setups, we recommend a single audio connection from the meeting room's primary audio mixer to the PublicInput bridge using the meeting's dial-in number.

For more information on connecting your existing A/V system, click here.

A/V Setup for rooms with less than 20 attendees

To properly serve a mid-size meeting with less than 20 total attendees, we recommend a more serious conferencing tool that can still provide plug-and-play simplicity. The Logitech 'Group' conferencing platform offers flexibility and expandability along with the ability to directly connect to a laptop serving as your meeting bridge.

You can learn more about this hardware option at https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/conferencecam-group.

A/V Setup for rooms with 20+ attendees and no existing system

While the concepts we've covered here will remain true for larger venues, we recommend coordinating with an A/V consultant or experienced team member. Below are a few options for working with a contractor to setup your A/V system:

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