How to create a Kiosk

Creating a kiosk to allow multiple users to take your survey in person on the same device

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Not sure if you need a kiosk? Check out our article, What is a kiosk?

To create a kiosk survey to be used on your iPad or tablet, from the Home page, navigate to the Meetings & Online tab.

On the project page for your survey, scroll down to the Kiosks section and click on the Create New Kiosk button.

The Configure your kiosk module will be displayed.

First, from the drop-down list, select a Kiosk Type:
Kiosk with Survey -
ideal for our purposes where we want to create a survey for a mobile device or
Event sign-in screen - ideal if you want people to sign-in to a meeting

Select Kiosk with Survey.

Second, if you want to associate responses with a particular meeting, select an option from the Associate responses with a meeting drop-down. This is useful in a scenario where you have created a physical meeting and wish to go around the room at the end of it to collect responses while meeting participants are chatting and enjoying a cup of coffee. 

Tip: You can also associate a sign-in screen screen with a particular meeting.

Third, you may want to create content that visitors will see when the survey or meetings begins. You can edit this content in the WYSIWYG editor in the Opening Screen Content section. To create eye-catching and engaging content for your project, you can include videos and images, and edit the text in various ways: change the font, the font color, center text, create bullet lists, etc. It works much as it does were you creating a presentation slide (Powerpoint.)

Fourth, in the Fields to collect section, you can specify the respondent data you want to collect by selecting the Show checkbox to the left of each field. 

You can make fields mandatory by selecting the Req. checkbox for any field, e.g. a respondent must input their Name, Email and Phone (these fields are, by default, checked but not mandatory). 

Note: If you make a field Required, you MUST check the Show checkbox for that field too. Otherwise the participant will not see that field even though it is required they enter data for it.

Fifth, if you wish to prompt a participant to subscribe to the project’s subscriber list, or a custom list, select an option from the Prompt user to subscribe drop-down list. This is another excellent marketing tool to keep engaging with customers after the survey. In this scenario, you would want to request they enter their email or phone (in the Fields to collect section) so you can keep in contact with them later. 

The next two fields allow you to change the text that prompts the participant to subscribe to a list (6) and continue to the next step (7). 

The next three fields allow you to further customize your kiosk . You can use the WYSIWYG editor to create Confirmation Screen Content (8), e.g. a "thank you for participating" for joining a meeting. You can also customize the Confirmation Button Text (9), e.g. Finish. And, you can create a unique name for your new kiosk (10).

To confirm your changes, click Save or Save & Launch (11), which will launch your new kiosk so you can test it.

After creating your kiosk, you can open it, test it or edit it in the Kiosk section on the Meetings & Offline tab. You can also view details of the kiosk, e.g. the URL, number of participants in the survey, etc. 

For instance, if you click Open for a particular survey, the survey you created will be displayed as participants will view it on your iPad, i.e. on the kiosk.

👉 Note: When a participant has completed the survey, click the blue Restart Kiosk button at the bottom of the screen to allow the next participant to have their say. This is how it is possible for multiple participants to complete the same survey on a single iPad.

📢 Important:

  • When you are ready to run your kiosk, don't forget to login to your PublicInput account on your tablet(s) before allowing participants to sign-in or take your survey. Be sure to restart the kiosk after each participant.

  • At this time, Kiosk Mode is only available in English. However, you may try using the built-in translation feature on your browser.

Have fun taking your surveys out in the field!

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