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Drafting your meeting announcement
Drafting your meeting announcement

There are several key elements of an effective meeting announcement. Here are content recommendations for your email send and social push.

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Explain the Hybrid Meeting Format

Explain that you are offering multiple ways for the community to provide input and participate in public meetings meeting through a new "Hybrid Public Meeting" format. We recommend adding a note that all comments will be treated with equal weight, regardless of how they are received.

Note that in-person capacity may be limited. We recommend requiring registration to attend in-person so appropriate safety accommodations can be made.

Meeting Date and Time

If you're building this with the Public Input email editor, simply add the default meeting block to your email and select your meeting. Meeting information will be included, along with links for participants to add the event to their calendar.

How to pre-register

When using the Public Input communications toolkit, adding the default meeting block to your email campaign will include links so participants can pre-register.

It's important to note that registration may be required for in-person attendees so agencies can properly plan for safety and capacity needs.

Safety measures for in-person attendees

Note that those who attend in person will be able to sign in via contactless registration, and social distancing minimums will be enforced through the room layout and seating arrangements.

Where to view meeting documents and information

If you've already added an agenda and uploaded meeting documents to your meeting page, we recommend that you link back to the meeting page or consider putting links directly to these files in the body of your meeting announcement email.

Denote who is receiving this notification

A question that arises when conducting email outreach is often "why am I receiving this, and who else is being notified?" We recommend adding simple note about who you are reaching out to (geographic areas, subscriber lists, or previous participants), so that participants understand why they're receiving an email.

An email and phone number to get in touch

Your meeting will automatically come with an email address that can be used to collect questions and comments, and you can create custom email addresses from your meeting admin dashboard. Include this email address in your outreach, and consider sending your campaign from this address by selecting it from the email address dropdown in the Public Input email toolkit.

If you've set up a project or meeting phone line, including this email address is also a best practice for offering another flexible way to get in touch with your team.

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