Sharing your meeting with the public

Share your meeting with the public by giving them the meeting link. Participants click the link to access a livestream of the meeting via their computer, tablet or cell phone.

Before you can share your meeting link, you must publish your page on the Page & Survey tab.

NOTE: Each meeting you create is automatically associated with a project page. You don't have to add anything to your project page to host a meeting, but you do have to publish your project. Publishing your project is what makes your meeting live (visible) to the public.

Getting your public meeting link

Click the Meetings & Offline tab.

Click the three dots on the right-hand side of the meeting, and select the live link. This is the link your meeting attendees will need to watch or participate in the meeting.

If you're sharing meeting information by using the PublicInput email tool, learn

more about sharing your meeting announcement via email.

Sharing your meeting with your internal team

If your team needs to view and moderate comments on the Public Input platform, make sure members have administrator access to Public Input. You can set administrators to have project-only access, or full department or agency access.

Meeting presenters, subject-matter experts or facilitators only need access to your conferencing tool - like Zoom or Webex. These people will not need access to Public Input.

Remember to remind presenters, subject-matter experts and facilitators that the meeting link is only for them, and should not be shared with members of the public.

If they know community members who would like to watch or participate in the meeting, they should share the meeting link.

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