Step 1: Log in

Go to and click LOG IN in the top menu bar.

Type in your email and password and click Sign in.

Step 2: Select Your department

When you login, you land on the organization home page. Below the Enagement Dashboard, you'll see Browse Initiatives by Department. Click Select Department to view the drop-down menu and select your department from the list.

Step 3: Select New Initiative or Survey

Once in your department, select the New Initiative or Survey button in the top right.

Step 4: Setup your project

You will be prompted to enter:

  1. A title for the project
    be sure to click the green Next button after each step!*
  2. The anonymity of participants
    ∙  Anonymous allows participants to participate anonymously, with controls in place to avoid ballot stuffing
    Require login will ask someone to use an existing account (facebook, twitter or google) to to create an account
    Light login will ask participants to share their email and name before participating, so they can be linked to other participation with the same email
  3. Page Format
    Content + Questions – this is the most common format, & can be used for surveys, webpages, engagement forums, and all other configurations of the engagement tools
    Question Series – Shows one question after another (poll series)

You can make changes to the title and each of these settings at any time after you've created your project, should you need to.

You have now created a project! It's Live!

The Live arrow will be indicated in blue by default. You have the option to choose a close date for when your project will end (e.g. stop collecting responses,) or you can manually close the project at a later date.

Generally, leaving the project live is fine. It's unlikely anyone outside of your organization will be able to find your project without sharing the project's URL.
You can save your project as a draft by selecting Return to Draft. 

The Draft arrow will turn blue. When you are ready to go live again, just click Publish Project.

Metrics for the project are shown under the project title.

These numbers will populate once participants engage with your project.

Below the metrics, all project data is organized into tabs.

You will create your engagement activities on the Page & Survey tab. You will automatically land on this tab as soon as you have clicked Create Project (Step 4 above.)

Step 5: Survey + Content

What types of engagement activities can I add?

Need some inspiration? Click the green Add Question button & check out the Examples Library!

You can edit a question or change the question type (single answer, matrix, comment, etc.) at any time by clicking the gear icon.

Check out our article on adding images to questions and response options.

Add Content

Click the black Add Content button to add text, images, and/or video to supplement the engagement tools.

To edit a content box, simply click inside the box. If it's text you'd like to add, just start typing. The WYSIWYG rich content editor will appear, allowing you to modify text, and add images, links, or video content.

Be sure to click the blue Save Changes button that appears in the bottom right.

Check out our article on adding images to content boxes.

Add a step (optional)

To make your project multiple steps, Click the plus to the right of Step 1 at the top of the content area. You can change the name of your step(s) at any time.

Add Documents (optional)

At the bottom of the page, you'll see the green Add documents button. This option is best for larger documents, .pdfs, or spreadsheets. Click the green Add documents button to select the document(s) from your computer. Next, click the blue Start upload button. You can upload multiple documents all at once.

 A documents box with your uploaded documents will appear at the bottom of your project.

Project arrangement

You can change the width of engagement activities, content boxes, or document boxes with the ➕ and ➖ buttons.

You can also repositon them to change their order.

Just hover over the 3-lines in the top left corner until your cursor becomes a crossbar, and drag and drop the box to the desired location. 

👉 Note: full width boxes will take up an entire row, while smaller boxes can share a row.

Step 6: Preview your Survey

On the right you will see the button: View live site – this opens a new tab so you can preview your page.

Step 7: Sharing your project's URL

Note the number in the url bar – it’s unique to this project, and it's how participants will find your project. (pid=yyyy, or

You can also create a unique URL or "shortcode" to customize your project, or build a custom link to create a version of your survey in another language.

Once your survey is complete, copy your link and share it with your participants!

Things to note:

📝 If your project is in Draft mode, don't forget to click Publish Project when you are ready to go Live.

🖥 If you need to accept responses at a meeting, use the kiosk mode under the Meetings & Offline tab.

📋 If you need to do data entry, use the data entry button under Meetings & Offline.

↩️ Need to make a change? No problem! Nothing in the system is ever set in stone.

🤯 If you get stuck, don’t get frustrated! Click the little chat button on the bottom right to talk to one of our customer support team members.

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