If you have a multi-step survey, you will notice that for participants need to scroll down the page and click the Continue button to advance to the following step. 

The solution: Make navigation faster and easier for multi-step surveys. You can make individual steps clickable at the top of the page so participants can quickly go to the step of their choosing or return to a previous step. 

This feature is also useful when some steps are not applicable to a participant and they want to quickly move on.

To do this, you'll need to change a survey setting.

Go to the back-end of your survey (the Home page) and click on the Settings button.

On the Settings tab, toggle the Step names are clickable option to ON (it will turn green like the other options in the list below.)

To test the change, click View Live Site in the top right corner. 

Each step is now individually clickable.

Tip: There may be scenarios where you don't want participants to skip steps. By default, surveys will progress step-by-step, requiring participants to click "Continue" at the end of each step in order to continue through the survey. Simply toggle the Step names are clickable button off to revert to non-clickable steps (default setting.)

Want to learn about skipping a step or multiple steps based on participants' specific responses? Check out our article on Skip-Logic! This is a more advanced way to provide the most relevant survey activities for individual participants.

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