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How to find image size & dimensions info on your computer
How to find image size & dimensions info on your computer

Check image size and dimensions in your system dialog before uploading images to the PublicInput image library

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Having trouble adding images? That may be because your file is too large. All image files must be under 10MB to be uploaded to your PublicInput image library. It's best to check the image's size before trying to add images to your library.

On your computer, each image file lists its size in kb (kilobytes), MB (megabytes), or, for very large images, GB (gigabytes). The image's dimensions (WxH) are in listed pixels.

On a PC (Windows 10):

Note: system dialogs may vary slightly across different operating systems.

Open Windows Explorer and find the image you want to check. The dimensions and file size appear in the right-hand details pane.

If you do not see this, click the View ribbon tab and then Details Pane:

You can also right-click on an image & choose properties from the drop-down menu.
A new window will appear with several tabs. You'll click the details tab, and there you'll find you image size and dimensions.

On a Mac:

You can right-click on the image file and choose "get info" from the dropdown menu. 

Alternatively, you can also find the file size and dimension info in column or gallery view (at the top of the file window) when viewing files. 

If your image is too large:

If you find that your image is too large, your design team may be able to help. You can use image editing software, like Adobe Photoshop, if you have it, or your default image editor — like MSPaint for Windows, or Preview for Mac — to resize or crop the image before you upload it. There are also a number of free image editing tools online. Just google "resize an image" or "crop an image."

Remember to keep images under 10MB!

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