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Metrics for the project are shown under the project title. 

Views – numbers of views of the page (not unique) 

Participants – number of individuals who have performed at least one action (comment or response)
You can click the circled "i" below for additional details.

Responses – total number of quantitative question responses - as in selected options on multiple-choice questions, prioritization questions and other non-comment responses. A single participant may provide multiple responses to a single set of questions.

Comments – number of comments across all comment formats in your project. This includes responses on map questions, open-ended responses on text surveys, emails that have been converted to a comment, and transcribed voicemails and in-meeting recorded comments. You can view and respond to individual comments in the Comments tab.

Subscribers – this is the number of people who have opted into a subscriber list by providing their contact information (i.e. email, phone, or physical address). Participants can be added to the project subscriber list using a contact information question, embedded signup form, texting into a project keyword, or being added by an admin through an upload. A person signing up for multiple email or text updates within a project or topic (if applicable) can account for multiple subscribers in the subscriber total.

Social Views – number of views from social media (facebook, instagram, etc.) You must first authenticate & connect your social media account.

In the example above, the project has zeroes across the board. Once the project is live and you begin to receive responses, your metrics will populate automatically once participants have engaged.

Check out our article on creating your first project to learn how to get started!

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