If you're looking to collect email addresses, you could allow participants to leave their email in the comments... but then you'd have to compile all of those email addresses provided into a list yourself. There's a much easier way to do it!

You can collect emails via a Contact Information question in your survey. This is also a great way to collect a list of interested people, so that you can update them with information about your project via email.

We strongly encourage you to use the Contact Information question to collect emails instead of comments. Unlike comments, you can require participants to submit an email address in order to proceed, or leave it optional. A Contact Information question will automatically compile email addresses into a list you specify. This allows you to plug in that list of email addresses into an outbound email with ease.

First, you'll head to the Page & Survey tab, and scroll down to the Survey Questions and Dynamic Content section.

Click the green Add Question button.

The Create a new question window will appear. Scroll down to the Participant Information section and choose the Contact Information question.

In the question window, you'll be promted to enter your question first. You can change this later if needed. Click Continue.

Click the drop-down menu under Store these contacts in a list and select the list you want to add the emails to. Click Continue.

The next window will allow you to change the question wording if needed, and select the data fields to be collected. We are collecting email addresses, so we will check the box in the blue Show column in the row next to Email. If you want to require an email in order to continue the survey, check the box in the red *Require column.

Under Whose contact info is this?, the Participant's contact information button will be selected by default.

On the live survey, the participant will enter their email address and click Submit.

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