Sometimes you may want to ask an open ended question on your survey to gather your participants' thoughts on a topic.

To add an open ended question, navigate to your survey, click the 'Add Question' button, and under the Open Ended section, click either 'Comment' or 'One Line Comment.'

Then enter your question prompt (e.g. "Tell us your thoughts about the city's new project.")

A question dialog box will appear, where you can edit aspects of your question. If you have no further edits, click outside of the dialog box, and your open ended question will be added to your survey!

Continue reading below to see how to use the Advanced Options tab to create custom text for comment boxes and buttons.

If you'd like to further edit your question with text specific to your survey, click the Advanced Options button.

Click the text box under Comment Button Text to edit the button.

You can edit the Comment Box Placeholder in the same way.

Click Save Advanced Options at the bottom of the window to save your changes.

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