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How to create a location segment

Create a location segment by uploading a shape using a KML file or creating boundaries for an area on a map (drawing a shape)

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Segments are a way to group participants based on specific selection criteria. This is useful if you want to filter dynamic reports or extract data about users based on their particular demographics or interests.

We’re going to look at two ways to specify the location for a location segment. 

In both cases, you will create the location segment via the CRM page. To get started, click Create New Segment.

In the next dialog, you can choose the selection criterion for your new segment. For this use case, click Location.

In the next dialog you will see a map of your area. If you are focused on a very specific area, you can zoom in (1).

In the map dialog, you can upload a shape KML to create a boundary for your location (2) or draw your shape on a map (3). When we talk about shapes, we mean the area inside boundaries designating the location of participants belonging to a particular segment.  

Create a shape on a map

To do this, first click on the Draw a shape icon. The cursor will appear on the screen as a cross hair (looking like a + symbol). 

Next, click the left mouse button at the first position on the map where you want to draw the shape (1), then drag the cursor to the end of this first boundary, and click with the left mouse button again (2). 

Each time you wish to make a new point for your boundary (usually when you change direction), click the left mouse button.

To complete your shape, double click on the first point you created. 

To save your shape, click Continue.

Name the new segment and click Create Segment.

Note: Your location segment will be displayed in the Custom Segments section on the CRM page. In the Est. Members column, you can see how many participants in your project live within the boundaries of your shape. 

Let’s take a look at the new segment. Click Open.

On the next page, you can add new criteria for a segment, which is useful if you want to target a very specific demographic. 

To do this, in the map dialog, click Upload shape from a .KML file.

Next, select an existing file on your device. 

Below, you can see the shape has been uploaded (1) and you can zoom in on the location (2). 

To save your shape, click Continue.

Name the new segment and click Create Segment.

Which method is better? This is entirely up to you, but drawing your own shape is certainly fun!

You can also create segments by:
🚻 Demographics
💬 Comment tag
Question Response
🙋 Meeting or Event
📋 Subscriber Lists
🤳🏻 Project Participants
📧 Email Recipients

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