Creating a segment by email recipients

Create a segment based on participants’ email activity

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In this example, we are going to create a segment based on all participants who have received one or more emails related to a specific project. 

Navigate to your organization’s CRM page and click New Segment.

In the next dialog, click Email Activity.

First select a recipient from the dropdown list. 

Choose a comparison factor and associated value. In this example, we want to identify all participants who have received one or more emails related to a specific project over the duration of the project. 

Tip – There are numerous permutations you can mix and match to define your segment precisely:

Recipient: E.g., Bounce Count, Reply Count, Click Count, etc.

Comparison: E.g., Is, Is not, Is greater than, etc.

For: Any email campaign, A specific project, A specific event, etc.

During: E.g., All time, Last 30 days, Custom date range, etc.

Click Continue, name your segment, and then click Create Segment.

Now you can Open your new segment and see how many people were added to it based on the criteria you specified. At any time, you can modify it to adjust the variables by adding new exclusion or inclusion rules. 

Experiment with different permutations and possibly surprising results!

You can also create segments by:
💬 Comment tag
Question Response
Meeting or Event
📋 Subscriber Lists
🤳🏻 Project Participants

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