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3 ways to collect your participants location information

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Here's a look at the three location question formats:

With each format, the response can be assigned to home, work, or other. Responses get attached to the participant's CRM profile, and can be reported with inferred lat/long and zip.

Location (Address)

This response option allows participants to begin typing in the search bar to find a location. A list auto-fills address options in the menu below the search bar, for faster searching. Once the participant clicks Look up, the location selection is confirmed.

Location (Nearest Cross Streets)

This map question allows participants to type in two street names to create a cross street of the location response. When the participant clicks Confirm Location, the blue "bubble" will move over the cross streets specified, and save the location. 

Note: Participants also have the ability to click the Use my current location button for the location options listed above. Other options are often helpful when a participant is traveling or not taking the survey at the location that the question pertains to.

Zip Code

Participants will type in their zip code and click save.

If you're interested in a more interactive option,
try the interactive map response question:
Building an interactive map response question

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