What is the demographic module?

Adding several demographic questions to your project at once

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When adding questions to your project, you'll notice there are 5 demographic questions. Each demographic question can be added with just one click. These question prompts and responses are tied to census data, and cannot be edited/changed.

Instead of adding individual demographic questions, you can opt to add them all via the Demographics Module:

The Demographic Module houses all 5 demographic questions (age, gender, race, education, & marital status) and allows participants to scroll through them as a question set:

You can add this module to the project, or enable the Show submit button on final step at the bottom of your project content, and select the Demographics button.

This will both add a "Submit" button to your project, as well as prompt the participants to provide their demographic info after they click the Submit button.

The submit button text is customizable. In this example, it says "Complete Survey."

This will prompt the participant to answer your demographic questions in the demographic module after they complete your survey questions. If the participant choses to answer these questions, the demographic data that is collected will be part of their participant profile in the CRM.

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