Participatory budgeting questions allow the public to select specific projects that they'd like to see funded, and can be limited by a defined budget amount.

In the example below, we ask the public to select the projects they'd like to see funded from the Options list on the left. The participant's selections appear in the Selected Options list on the right:

The budget total is automatically calculated as participants select options, and the bar below the question tracks how much of the budget allocation has been spent based on the participant's selections. We've set dollar amounts for each budget option, and a total budget amount of $10. Alternatively, you could opt to set no budget for this question if your main goal is to gauge the types of projects your audience is interested in, rather than sticking within a specified budget.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Click Add Question

On the Page & Survey tab to create a new survey question, click the green Add Question button.

Step 2: Select the Budget question

Step 3: Write the Question Prompt

If you do not type in your own question prompt, the default prompt "Please select the options you want funded while staying within budget." will be used.

The explainer text is a great opportunity to mention the budget limit or further explain the feedback you're looking for. (e.g. select your top options.)

Step 4: Set the budget amount

Enter your budget limit.

If you have no budget limit, toggle on the "No Budget" button instead:

Step 4: Enter your Budget Options (responses)

Add each of your Budget Options by clicking the +New Option button, or hitting Enter/Return on your keyboard after typing each Budget entry:

Once you've added all of your response options, click the Save New Options button.

Step 5: Assign Budget Option Values (Cost)

Once you've added your Budget Options, the Cost text box will appear next to each option. Type in the dollar amount or value allocated to each Budget Option.

Note: Each budget option must have a predetermined cost. You'll need to assign a value to each option.

And that's it! "X" out of the question window, and your Budget question will be added to your project.

You can click the View live Site button in the top right corner of your project to preview your budget question:

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